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Hold the Line on Property Taxes

Many of Perth Amboy’s residents are struggling economically. They need a break. The city council blocked a tax increase enacted by the mayor this year, and will continue to stand with our residents to keep municipal property taxes from rising.

Make City Hall Transparent and Responsive

The government of the City of Perth Amboy belongs to the people. Too often, decisions on personnel and government policy are made in secret and are not shared with the public—not even with the members of the city council. We will continue to demand transparency and openness in city government.

Maintain Our Independence

The city council is not part of the administration. It works with the administration to keep the city running, but is not subordinate to the mayor. Sometimes policies of the administration are not in the best interest of the city. At times like that, a rubber stamp city council would be a disaster. The city council must maintain the independence to question and to say “no” when it is necessary—as we did when the mayor wanted to raise your taxes. An independent city council is working for you.

Oppose Lack of Enforcement and Unequal Enforcement of Local Codes

The local building codes, zoning codes, and other local laws are meant for everyone—regardless of who you are or who you know. We support the full and equal enforcement of local laws, which has not always been the case under the present administration.

Support Smart Development and Prevent Reckless Development

We support development that creates jobs and ratables, revitalizes our downtown, enhances our waterfront, attracts tourism, and beautifies our city while avoiding reckless increases in population density.

Oppose Unrestricted Hiring That Balloons the Budget

Jobs should never be created for friends or political cronies. We will continue to oppose the hiring of unqualified or unnecessary management and executive employees, because this type of hiring costs the city and increases pressure to raise taxes. 

Open Constructive Lines of Communication with the Board of Education

The hostile relationship between the administration and the board of education does not serve our children. We will encourage a positive and constructive relationship between the city council and the board of education so that we can work together for a better school system for our kids.

Support Actions that Enhance Quality of Life

We hear increasing complaints about noise, traffic, lack of parking, litter, and activities going on in neighborhoods that are prohibited by local law. The city council is not responsible for enforcement of the law. But we will continue to press the administration to ensure that these issues are addressed. 

Update Our City’s Master Plan

The Master Plan is the blueprint that describes how we want our city to develop. It is meant to be reviewed and updated every 10 years—but our Master Plan has not had a full update since 2003. To support smart growth and development, updating our Master Plan must be a priority.

Perth Amboy First
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